Editing JPG Name Tags

Notice: The JPG files are not editable by themselves. You must use them in programs like Microsoft Word or Photoshop to add text.

The information below is a basic overview of how to add text to a few popular programs. Please note that you will have to search Google, Youtube, or elsewhere for more assistance if these instructions aren't enough to get you started. We don't provide any assistance with using software to edit these files.

We do have a sample JPG to download if you want to test before buying. Right click the link below and select "Save Link As" (or equivalent) to save to your computer:

Download the sample JPG

Before Starting

We recommend always working on a copy of the original file. This will allow you to keep a clean copy in case you need to start over or want to create other name tags with different text.

Adding Text in Microsoft Word

  1. Start by removing margins in Word (set margins to 0). Learn How
  2. Add the image to Word Learn How
  3. Set image wrapping to "Behind Text." Learn How
  4. Insert a text box to add text to a name tag. After the box is inserted, you can add and edit text to change fonts, colors, etc. Repeat this step for all name tags. Learn How

Adding Text in PowerPoint

Here are several tutorials on adding text in PowerPoint:


Here are a few tutorials on adding text with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements:

There are also many videos on YouTube covering this.