Contact Us

Before contacting us, please note the following limitations on support:

  • We recommend using Adobe Reader to edit the name tags. If you choose to use other PDF readers, we are unable to provide support due to issues that arise from not following our advice. For example, the Preview app on Macs has issues handling PDF files with editable fields.
  • We are unable to troubleshoot printer issues. We haven't encountered any printer issues that were actually caused by our files. We also offer free downloads with watermarks for testing prior to purchase.
  • We won't assist you with using or downloading the files on a tablet or phone. We recommend using a desktop or laptop to download and edit the PDF files.
  • We won't customize the designs for you or offer the designs in different file formats.

We also have support materials covering common questions and issues. Please review these before contacting us:

If your issue isn't excluded by our support limitations, you may contact us at We are able to provide support only if you provide your PayPal email address, the name of the product you ordered, and a detailed description of your issue including things like error messages.